Wednesday, March 18, 2015


I never liked this Apple app till recently. I messed around with it with my niece cuz she said it was "cool". She takes videos of herself to upload to facebook, another great evil.

But then I tried it out and its as she said, really "cool".

On the downside of things, it cost $384.09 to get a Florida plate today. Thanks for ass raping me, Sunshine State.I would've loved to see MY facial expressions on FaceTime, seeing that heart-attack inducing fee.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Sure Thing

I'm not a gambler nor do I make hasty decisions when it comes to making money.

So when a buddy of mine tells me about the Gulf War and Iraqi oil and events surrounding and leading up to Iraq having trillions of oil money laying about, I was skeptical. Tells me I should invest in the dinar cuz its gonna be revalued blah blah blah.

I take it with a grain of barley oats cuz it sounds too good to be true and more of a conspiracy to revalue the Iraqi dinar. How come I've never heard of this pyramid scheme? That's what my doubting mind calls it...but I'm uncertain so I'll put a few bucks in.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bills and debts

I should have good credit by now, but the never ending stream of bills just doesn't seem to end.

Haven't been on here in a while. Sorry. Getting my life in order and going through the novelty phase of a new relationship! Bliss for now. I feel like I'm on Cloud 99 whenever I'm with Connor. And blah blah blah feels good in the heat of the moment and whenever we're together. All my logical reasoning just flies out the window.

And its a euphoric feeling to not have a care in the world. Its also dangerous. I don't want to be stuck here in limbo. We'll see how it pans out in the next couple of months.

Thursday, January 1, 2015


New Year 2015

And I'm comfortable with myself. I got a good job with unlimited overtime--most of that comes from being short staffed on a daily basis cuz they keep getting hurt from being clobbered by the patients. Not really, they just haven't had enough experience to be working in this field, or they don't know what they're doing when a restraint has to be done.

Myself, I'm avoiding getting hurt at all expense. Not getting hurt for shit.

#2) I have a good woman behind my back. And I love her to bits. She feels the same.

And that's it.

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 1, 2014

My Dark Goddess

I was randomly letting my brain go off on a tangent. A streaming brainstorm of adulation...

And I sent in my paperwork to the Department of Corrections. And waiting to test...not too keen on time limited testing. Ugh

"My Dark Goddess"

It shouldn't be a surprise but I've come to accept you and your self-deprecating rage, shocking me witless with your responsible, uninhibited and unpredictable nature, intangibly distant, yet soothing me with your exquisite emotional release of love and lust. You are seething with potential for getting what you want. You only need to realize this.